For many years our family has held one of Fayetteville, North Carolina’s natural treasures – Carver’s Falls. In 2009, we decided that it was time to share this extraordinary place with the public, so we decided to build a thrilling zipline tour, and make it one of the best in the nation!

We searched the country for the most qualified ziplines contractor, and found a renowned company in Michigan. Distance was no object. We brought them to North Carolina to construct one of the most impressive zipline courses in the country.

On your 2+ hour zipline tour, our experienced guides will take you for a truly unforgettable experience. You will zip through the treetops, climb spiral staircases, and traverse canopy sky bridges in the most pristine forest in our area while viewing gorgeous Carver’s Falls from many awe-inspiring perspectives. ZipQuest has something for everyone – great for group activities, team building retreats, family adventures, and more! You will have the time of your life!

We are proud of our zipline story, and we’re thrilled to be able to share this exciting Fayetteville, NC attraction with visitors from across the Carolinas and the United States!



Beautiful Scenery!

Travelindox Raleigh, NC
I went to ZipQuest with 3 friends and it was an absolute blast! It was my first zipline experience and the instructors had incredible patience and encouragement.... Beautiful scenery. By the time we got to the end I was ready to go again! I will definitely be returning for another quest!

The Scenery is Amazing

Lashauna C Fayetteville, NC
I have lived in Fayetteville most of my life and didn't even know there was a zip line here until about two years ago. I have been twice, once with my two sisters and once with my husband. It is a great experience and will keep you off the ground for about two hours! As if it's not cool enough zipping, the scenery is amazing. They offer day and night zips rain or shine.
James M

Exhilarating, Fun Filled Experience

James M Fayetteville, NC
ZipQuest offers an exhilarating and fun filled experience. With your safety as their first priority, the highly skilled guides take you on an adventure in the trees above Cedar Creek along a zipline course that includes 8 lines and three rope bridges. This is a great outdoor activity for the entire family.

Everyone had a Blast!

Took the kids for my daughter's birthday. Everybody had a blast and both guides made sure everyone was having fun as well as keeping them safe. My son has already told us this is what he wants to do for his birthday. See you guys in a few months!

It’s time to hang in the trees with Zippy!