Carver’s Falls is a virtually untouched 55 acre area of forest located in the Sandhills of North Carolina.  The area is named after the waterfall nestled in the heart of the property.  For centuries, Carver’s Falls has been closed to the public and few even knew of its existence.  We now are proud to share this natural wonder and pristine forest with ZipQuest patrons.


Carver’s Falls is named for Samuel Carver who received it along with 640 acres from King George II of England in 1735.
There is little known about the use of Carver’s Falls, however a Mill House that was used to mill grain was erected on the property.  The mill was powered by the waters flowing through a canal diverted from Carver’s Creek.  The Old Mill House still stands today and can be seen from several zipline runs.

About the Falls

Carver’s Falls is located on the west side of the Cape Fear river in North Fayetteville.  It occurs at the intersection of Carver’s Creek and McPherson Creek creating a waterfall that is over 150 feet wide and two stories tall.  The stone-like formation is known as the “Cape Fear Formation”.  The two combined creeks are known as Carvers Creek which empties into the Cape Fear River.

Flora and Fauna

Carver’s Falls boasts a rare mix of flowers, plants and trees.  You will find flora that is native to coastal swamps as well as those native to the mountains all in this unique ecosystem.  The climate, soils, varying elevations and moisture levels of Carver’s Falls provide an unusual environment in which hundreds of varieties of plant flourish.

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