Our newest zipline tour is perfect for those who want the ultimate adventure. Ziplining at night? You bet! NightQuest takes your zipline experience to a whole new level!

Your tour will begin at dusk with an orientation to familiarize you with the equipment and techniques you will need for your zipline tour. Then helmet lights are turned on and your adventure begins!

Gliding through the forest on your 2+ hour zipline adventure, your senses will be enhanced as day turns to night! In between zips, you will you will ascend floating spiral stairways to tree-house platforms supported by hearty centuries-old trees. Mid-tour you will cross a suspension bridge overlooking the Sandhills’ only waterfall, Carver’s Falls, illuminated by the light of the moon. Your zipline tour will culminate with a long zip parallel to the falls.

You won’t want to miss this outdoor adventure of a lifetime!

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Your outdoor adventure will consist of:

8 Amazing Ziplines
that will fill you with exhilaration as you breeze through the air!

Endless Memories and an
overwhelming sense of joy and accomplishment!

3 Spiral Staircases
in the Carver’s Creek canopy take higher than you’ve ever been!

3 Canopy Sky Bridges
Each over 100 feet long with the longest at a thrilling 210 feet long.

2 Highly Trained & Knowledgeable
canopy guides educate and enhance your canopy adventure.

16 Unique Tree Platforms
give you amazing views above the forest floor and creeks!

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Danielle Derosier

“Fun Place to enjoy the Outdoors”

Danielle Derosier
Not only is it a fun place to go to enjoy yourself outdoors but the people you have working with and for you are what makes me want to comeback! Thank you for allowing us to come out there and enjoy ourselves!

So Much Fun!

My husband surprised me with this adventure. It was so much fun and I felt incredibly safe. Our guides were great fun and very knowledgeable. We will be back again with lots of friends!

Diligence and Professionalism

I've worked in a high-risk field for 20 years--what impressed me the most was the diligence and professionalism of the staff and the construction of the facilities. ZipQuest is clearly devoted to providing customers with a safe and most of all, a VERY fun time! I would recommend this to families and groups of all ages!
Leigh A

Excellent Family Fun!

Leigh A
Excellent family fun! We went on an evening tour and plan to make a day tour in the future. It was so exciting and hope to bring some of those that have started calling me Zippy!!! I've raved about our experience at work too much maybe?

It’s time to hang in the trees with Zippy!