An epic North Carolina adventure – a quick release from three and a half stories up, a stomach turn, a shot of adrenaline, and a giant swoosh down! Then the land grows another five stories farther below you as you swing out high overlooking stunning Carver’s Creek.

Thank you ZipQuest, may I have another? Built in and amongst the trees, get harnessed and get ready! Traditionally known as a Giant Swing we now offer our Swing Shot- a swing ride you’ll never forget! Each ride on the Swing Shot is only $15!



So Much Fun!

My husband surprised me with this adventure. It was so much fun and I felt incredibly safe. Our guides were great fun and very knowledgeable. We will be back again with lots of friends!

Everyone had a Blast!

Took the kids for my daughter's birthday. Everybody had a blast and both guides made sure everyone was having fun as well as keeping them safe. My son has already told us this is what he wants to do for his birthday. See you guys in a few months!
Leigh A

Excellent Family Fun!

Leigh A
Excellent family fun! We went on an evening tour and plan to make a day tour in the future. It was so exciting and hope to bring some of those that have started calling me Zippy!!! I've raved about our experience at work too much maybe?
Christina Rivera

We loved the course!

Christina Rivera
We loved the course. The zips were long, and the waterfall view was breathtaking. 5 out of 5 stars! Our guides were informative, helpful, and witty. We really enjoyed seeing the working relationship that these guys have together. Clearly, this is a workplace with a great culture.

It’s time to hang in the trees with Zippy!