TEAMQUEST - Team Building & Zipline Tours In NC

Team building events are a fantastic way of increasing employee involvement and inspiring positive changes. At TeamQuest, we offer a variety of practical and enlightening North Carolina team building options to satisfy your company’s specific needs.

Whether you are planning a conference, retreat or off-site meeting, if you are interested in incorporating entertaining employee workshops, our qualified staff has plenty of unique events that will motivate, energize and enlighten your participants. North Carolina ziplining is a great choice for your team!

Customized Assessment

Team building events are an ideal way to address a number of corporate needs and foster a thriving group atmosphere. We know that all teams exhibit various strengths, weaknesses and concerns, thus your TeamQuest experience will actually begin before any member sets foot on the course. Prior to every TeamQuest tour, a trained TeamQuest leader will contact your group leader to conduct an interview where they’ll discuss team members individually, as a group, and goals you’re looking to achieve. Because of this customized needs assessment, we are able to tailor each TeamQuest team build so that each group obtains maximized benefits and a rewarding experience.

• Improve Communication and Listening Skills
• Increased Motivation
• Enhance Cooperation and Trust amongst Team Members
• Enhance a Winning Attitude
• Learn How to Achieve Objectives
• Learn How to Effectively Deal with Change
• Encourage Out of the Box Thinking

• Develop Leadership Abilities
• Encourage Mentoring and Teamwork
• Increased Stress Relief
• Improve Decision Making and Strategy
• Encourages Innovation and Constructive Feedback
• Encourages Self-Confidence and Self-Awareness

Build & Bond - Team Building and Full Course Zipping (Pricing Below - Minimum of 5 guests)

Focused Team Building (Pricing Below- Minimum of 5 guests)

Call (910) 488-8787 for reservation and to assess your groups’ needs with our professional team building staff.


1 - $119/guest ($45 team build + $85 zip tour - $11 zip tour discount) (Box lunch can be added for $10/guest)
2 - $149/guest ($65 team build + $85 zip tour - $11 zip tour discount + $10 box lunch)
3 - $80/guest
4 - $124/guest (includes a box lunch)