ZipQuest zip line and canopy tour is one of the best attractions in Fayetteville, NC!  Our approximately two and a half hour course is designed to tell a story of nature and adventure.  No two runs are the same.  Some are designed to allow you to soak up the beauty of the natural environment while others are built to provide a pure adrenaline rush.  Our thoughtful course architecture and natural habitat including the area’s only waterfall provides a well-rounded zip line experience unlike any other!

Your NC zip line adventure will begin with an orientation where you will learn zip line basics, meet your guide and have a chance to ask questions.  You then will begin by zipping through the woods while learning about the flora and fauna of Carver’s Falls from one of our experienced guides.

As the tour progresses you will ascend floating spiral stairways to tree-house platforms supported by hearty centuries-old trees. As you gain altitude you will have the opportunity to experience the thrill of “fast” lines and the exhilaration of our “distance” lines.  Mid-tour you will cross Carver’s Fall’s on our suspension bridge where you have the opportunity to fully appreciate the beauty and power of the area’s only waterfall.  Your tour will culminate with a long zip parallel to the waterfall. This is truly one of the best zip lines in North Carolina!

Your Adventure will consist of:

- 16 Unique Tree Platforms above the Forest Floor and Creeks!

8 Amazing Zip lines!

3 Canopy Sky Bridges - Each over 100 feet long with the longest at a thrilling 210 feet long.

3 Spiral staircases in the canopy!

2 Highly Trained and Knowledgeable Canopy Guides to Educate and Enhance your Canopy Adventure.

-  Endless Memories and an Overwhelming Sense of Accomplishment!

ZipQuest provides the perfect marriage of eco-tourism and adventure and is quickly becoming one of NC's top attractions!  Book your tour today to enjoy a favorite NC travel destination and outdoor adventure.  To learn more about tour requirements please click here.

We are looking forward to seeing you at ZipQuest for the outdoor adventure of a lifetime!

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