Holiday Fun In Fayetteville, North Carolina

If you are looking for things to do in Fayetteville, NC this holiday season, you won’t have to look far! Fayetteville is a festive city during the holiday season, from parades to exhibits and more.

During the month of December, the Cape Fear Botanical Gardens are hosting their 8th Annual Holiday Lights in the Garden. This year’s events feature Santa’s Workshop and the theme is The Polar Express. On December 1, 7, 14 and 22, adults and children alike can take a ride on the train through the garden for a small admission price. All dates for the 8th Annual Holiday Lights in the Garden are December 1 & 2, 7-9, 14-16, and 19-23. Times are 5:30 PM until 9:00 PM.

The Rotary Christmas Parade happens on Saturday, December 8th at 11:00 AM in Downtown Fayetteville along Hay Street. This free event draws a great crowd anxious to see numerous local organizations, bands and of course, Santa himself. If you are near the town of Hope Mills, they will hold their annual Christmas parade on Saturday, December 1st at 3:00 PM along Main Street and Rockfish Road.

From December 6th through the 22nd, the Cape Fear Regional Theater will host performances of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, an annual Fayetteville tradition for over 25 years.

If you are looking for something adventurous to do this holiday season, come see us at ZipQuest Waterfall & Treetop Adventure. Throughout the month of December we have holiday specials on our treetop excursions. Our Excursion package, Expedition package and Holiday Prime package are sure to please everyone in the family. ZipQuest Waterfall & Treetop Adventure is in the business of providing thrilling family fun for everyone ages 8 to 91!

This December, take in all of the sights and sounds of the season in beautiful Fayetteville, North Carolina. From residents lining city streets for a parade, to families enjoying the wonderful outdoors at ZipQuest, this December is sure to be one that the whole family will remember. Do you have questions about our holiday packages? Give us a call today at (910) 488-8787.


Ziplining in North Carolina!

Fall is finally here in beautiful North Carolina! Soon the temperatures will be coming down, the air will start to have a crisp feeling to it, and the leaves will start to change colors. If you have never had the opportunity to take in the beauty of fall foliage in North Carolina, you should start planning now. The peak times for foliage in North Carolina are early October for higher elevations and the last week of October for the remaining locations. Autumn truly is a gorgeous season in North Carolina.

If you are looking for a unique way to see the changing colors of the leaves, ZipQuest Waterfall & Treetop Adventure is the perfect choice! Located in Fayetteville, North Carolina, ZipQuest Waterfall & Treetop Adventure is nestled in the woods overlooking Carver’s Falls. We offer patrons an exhilarating ziplining experience in NC with our tree-to-tree ziplines, multiple suspension bridges and spiral staircases. ZipQuest has ziplining adventures for the whole family from ages 8 to 91!

We also offer team building packages for businesses and organizations, and if ziplining through the treetops at night sounds fun, we encourage you to experience NightQuest, a ziplining adventure using lighted helmets and the stars to guide your way.

After Hurricane Florence, ZipQuest Waterfall & Treetop Adventure took the time to review our course and perform clean up and safety checks. Nothing is more important to the ZipQuest family than the safety of our visitors. Our zipline courses are now clear and safe for all. We are OPEN!

Our hearts go out to all of the people affected by the high winds and damaging flood waters that Hurricane Florence brought to our area. We are grateful for the beauty of our surroundings everyday. Nature has given us plenty of beauty to marvel in, from gorgeous waterfall views to the changing colors of leaves in the fall. We cannot wait to share those beautiful views with you through an exciting adventure ziplining in NC. Make plans to spend some time with us in the coming weeks to enjoy the spectacular views!

Summertime Ziplining in the Shade

In central North Carolina, the average temperature in the month of August is near 90 degrees. Sometimes it can be hard to find ways to enjoy the outdoors in that kind of heat. ZipQuest Waterfall & Treetop Adventure offers a unique option for enjoying the warm temperatures before the weather starts to cool off again in the fall. Located in Fayetteville, North Carolina, ZipQuest Waterfall & Treetop Adventure is situated under the shade of a landscape rich with green trees, lush plant life and calming waterfall views.

Visitors have a few options for enjoying their time at ZipQuest. We offer two exhilarating ziplining adventures: our Treetop Excursion and our Waterfall Expedition. Our Treetop Excursion consists of five tree-to-tree lines, two spiral staircases and one suspension bridge. Our Waterfall Expedition includes eight tree-to-tree ziplines, three spiral staircases, three suspension bridges and a beautiful view of Carver Falls. Our Canopy Sky Bridges are all over 100 feet long, with the longest one boasting a length of 210 feet!

For patrons that want to wait until the temperatures cool down a bit during the day, we also offer NightQuest, a nighttime ziplining adventure down our Treetop Excursion and Waterfall Expedition options that happens after hours on Friday and Saturday nights. Our regular hours of operation are Monday through Saturday from 9am to 5pm, and Sundays from 10am to 5pm.

You will be able to breeze through the summer air carefree, as our highly trained and certified staff are with you, guiding you through your whole experience. It is a great adventure to share with family, friends, and coworkers. We also have the facilities and packages necessary to host your business or organization for a fun team building event.

Anytime is a good time to come and visit us at ZipQuest Waterfall & Treetop Adventure. Most people who give us feedback after their time here tell us that they feel a sense of accomplishment, and that they look forward to coming back. If you are ready for some summertime ziplining in the shade, visit us online to book your adventure or give us a call at (910) 488-8787. We look forward to seeing you in our serene neck of the Carolina woods.

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8 Fun Facts about Ziplining!

Ziplining has been around for quite some time, and many people are brave enough to take on the daring challenge to do such an adrenaline rushing activity. In the earlier times of Ancient China, zip wires as they called them, were used in the Nujiang Valley of Yunnan Province. This area offers mountains, rivers, and valleys. Since they did not have all the equipment we have in modern times, it was hard to cross the rivers safely. Zip wires were the answer to safely crossing the rivers instead of swimming and using ferry rides. To this day, some of the original lines remain and are being replaced with modern day ziplines.

Zipline attractions are open in many different parts of the world, which means you are bound to see a different source of scenery wherever you go. In modern times, most people zipline for the excitement and fun experience. Here are some surprising facts you might not have known about ziplining:

  • North Carolina is the state with the most ziplines. The Tarheel state has 24 commercial ziplines .
  • 72 countries and six continents in the world have commercials ziplines.
  • The most people to go down a single zipline in one hour was 183 – achieved by ACE adventure resort in West Virginia on June 3, 2012.
  • You can travel internationally on ziplines. The Limite Zero Zipline crosses the Guadiana River from Spain to Portugal.   
  • Ziplines in Costa Rica generate approximately $120 million in annual revenue.
  • In New Zealand & Australia, a zipline is known as a “fly fox.”
  • Ziplines are also known as Zippy’s, zip wires, aerial runways, aerial rope slides, Tyrolean traverses or canopy tours.
  • Children in the Hongdae village in China use a zipline to cross a 460-foot deep and 260-foot wide gorge to travel to and from school.

With an aerial view from up above and life-changing fun, take the chance and zipline today at Zipquest. Learn more at Until next time. Happy Zipping!


Why zip in the rain?

When it comes to outdoor activities, weather plays a big part in whether you go outside or stay indoors. Most people will not go outdoors if it is raining, but some people take advantage of the opportunity. You are probably asking who would want to go outside while it’s gray and rainy out? Many people take advantage of rain and go ziplining. Even though it does not rain a lot here in North Carolina, rain makes ziplining all the more fun!

Of course, safety is a primary factor when you decide to go ziplining in the rain:

You don’t want to zipline when it’s storming or potentially going to be a severe storm.
Dress in appropriate clothing if you know you are going to be ziplining in the rain.

Every zipline course is different, so the rain will make every line feel and look different. Maybe you will be in a canopy, or in a wide open area where you can see wildlife hanging out. Remember getting rained on won’t ruin your day, it will just make it one hundred times better!

Ready to zipline – rain or shine? Learn more

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Summer Vacation Fun in North Carolina

In just a few short weeks, public schools across central North Carolina will be releasing students for summer break. Many families will take the opportunity during the summer months to explore new places and try new family activities. North Carolina is a beautiful state to experience in the summertime, from the mountains in the west, the beaches in the east and so much in between. If you and your family are looking for neat ways to get outdoors this summer, ZipQuest has some ideas for you.

Explore the Appalachian Trail. The entire west border of North Carolina is home to some of the grandest mountain views you will ever see. Tourists will find no shortage of trails to hike and rivers to explore. For the best possible North Carolina mountain experience, we suggest that you visit Mt. Mitchell, the highest point east of the Mississippi River, located a little more than 30 miles north of Asheville. You simply cannot beat the views!

Enjoy the Atlantic Ocean. North Carolina borders the Atlantic Ocean on the east, and there are plenty of amazing beach towns to explore. The most popular are the Outer Banks, which includes Nags Head, Kill Devil Hills, Kitty Hawk, Roanoke Island and Cape Hatteras. Also popular are the southern beaches of Emerald Isle, Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach and Oak Island. If fun in the sun is your goal, you can’t go wrong with North Carolina beaches.

If you are in central North Carolina and cannot make it to the mountains or the beach this summer, there is still plenty of fun to be had in the area! ZipQuest Waterfall & Treetop Adventure, located in Fayetteville, North Carolina offers families a unique ziplining experience that they are sure to never forget! Come zipline with us through the canopy of tall trees and the great outdoors. ZipQuest offers customers several ways to enjoy their adventure experience with us, including ziplining over Carver’s Falls. At ZipQuest, we also offer NightQuest, a way to experience ziplining underneath the stars!

ZipQuest is for most everyone aged 8 to 91. Check out our FAQ page for more details.

If you are looking for activities to do as a family this summer, North Carolina is full of opportunities! Are you ready for your ziplining adventure? Check out ZipQuest Waterfall & Treetop Adventure today!